Are you sick of putting your business plans on hold?

Discover how to DIY a Kick A$$ WordPress website so you can start attracting your ideal cash-paying clients NOW.


Think about it: When did you know you were meant to be your own boss? Seriously. When did your awesome idea to start your own business pop into your head for the first time?

Last month?

Last summer?

Last year?

Even longer?

You were brave enough to give it a shot. Excitement turned into exhilaration and that led to determination and motivation and you rode that wave until doubt crept in and you hit your first wall.

Maybe you put it off because you needed time to really flesh out the idea. Would anyone really pay me for this?

Then you put it off because it wasn’t “the right time.” Am I really good enough right now?

After that you weren’t sure if you could do it on your own. Am I crazy?!

There seemed to be so much to do and, let’s be honest, your idea was great and you were passionate, but you were not exactly raking in the cash just yet. So every second of your time and every penny of your profits had to be handled with care.

But you’re an entrepreneur. There’s no way you would give up on yourself, your passion-based business and your ideal life that easily. You knew all you needed to do was really get out there and get visible.

So first things first: You need a website.

I mean come on! What kind of legitimate business in this century can function without a website?

Yes, a professional web designer would be ideal. Who wouldn’t want to work with an artist who can write code in their sleep and make a masterpiece of the jumbled mess of ideas in your head?

Maybe you even got a few quotes before you (and your budget) decided to try to do this yourself – and the learning curve was steep.

But you figured out how to buy an eye-catching domain that represented your brand and you muddled your way through the process of making it your own.

from there it was hell.

You spent countless hours every single month scouring help forums and digging through the dusty corners of the Internet in desperate search of blog posts or video tutorials that would help you answer the most basic questions:

How do I embed my Mail Chimp sign-up sheet?

How do I change the fonts, colors or basic layout on this template?


We won’t talk about how many times you’ve screamed (OK, cursed! But only a little.) out of frustration and confusion and down-right bewilderment. We’ll leave that between you and your throw pillows.

It’s time to leave your sense of defeat behind, dig your business out of the shadows, get visible and get your website up NOW. And with more than a decade of experience under my belt, I’m here to help you out!

But first, I’ve got some questions of my own:

Are you ready to be taken seriously online?

Are you ready for your business to start making (more) money?

Are you ready to turn potential clients into paying customers?

Are you sick and tired of waiting?

Hopefully, you answered “YES!” to all of the above because it’s time to get schooled.


Welcome to The Launch Your Website Bootcamp. In this course, I will teach you how to name, design, and enhance your website. Plus start building an email list so you can engage with new leads. After taking this course with me, you’ll have a meeting place for your ideal clients to keep up with you and invest in your products and services.

If you do your part, listen and follow my step-by-step instructions in the training modules, I can make you three promises:

  1.     I will set you up to succeed.
  2.     I will make sure you can maintain your beautiful new website after it’s launch.
  3.     And I will make it as easy as possible with NO CODING required!

The Launch Your Website Bootcamp is for you if:

  • You don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and doing some of the work that is essential to advancing your business but you’re frustrated with going it alone.
  • You find the process of reading and writing code to be about as clear as a Bloody Mary at Sunday brunch and much harder to stomach. (Hint: To join the Bootcamp, you don’t need to be tech savvy at all!)
  • Frankly, your current website sucks. It’s confusing, uninspiring and impossible to navigate. Or worse, it’s nonexistent.
  •  You want all the benefits of working with a web designer minus the cost.
  • You want to create a beautiful and inviting webpage worthy of your brand.
  • You want to increase your visibility and let clients across the globe know that you’re open for business.

If that sounds like you, then what are you waiting for? Now is the time to commit to making your business a priority. Take action and SIGN UP NOW!

“Melody made the course so easy to follow!”


Naomi’s website after Launch Your Website Bootcamp!

“All of the modules in Launch Your Website Bootcamp were so easy to follow! After taking the course, I now have a website that fits my brand and speaks to ideal client.” – Naomi Washington, Life Strategist,

“Melody’s step-by-step tutorials really made it easy for me to understand the systems and begin shaping the website that I always imagined!”

“Before joining Launch Your Website Bootcamp, I was using to create my website, and was having a hard time using their various features. Even after speaking to their customer service, I still felt lost and confused on how to get my website to look a certain way. Melody’s step-by-step tutorials really made it easy for me to understand the systems and begin shaping the website that I always imagined. Plus, her course offers SO Much, including the membership site training, that it was a no-brainer for me to sign up! I’m confident Launch Your Website Bootcamp will finally help me turn my “Coming Soon” page into a beautiful website that will align with my business goals.” – Alexandria Oscar, Event Planner


Hi, I’m Melody Thomas and I am the founder of The Genius Circle, LLC the company that brings you Launch Your Website Bootcamp.

I’ve been building websites since my parents gave me my first computer when I was 12-years-old. Back then I taught myself. (I was building fan pages for my favorite celebrities, which was all the rage in middle school. I don’t mean to brag but the pages I made for Kelly Rowland and Beyonce back in the day were the bomb.)

I didn’t turn my skills into a business until I was 19 and in college hoping to get some real world experience that would prepare me for work later. I launched my first professional website and really caught a glimpse of the reach of polished website. My business page connected me to my first international client (They were in London) and helped me snag remote clients across the U.S. I still haven’t met some of them in person.

These days, I’m using the knowledge to help business owners launch websites and access the globe. I look forward to getting to know more about you and your business in class.

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to:

Seven modules (valued at $11,000)

Module 1: Domain, Hosting, and WordPress Installation

  • Register Domain
  • Set up Hosting
  • Installing WordPress and Setting Up Domain
  • WordPress Set Up and Overview

Module 2: WordPress Premium Theme and Installation

  • Selecting a Premium WordPress Theme
  • Install Premium WordPress Theme
  • Activating and Registering Premium Theme, Installing Template

Module 3: Website Preparation

  • WordPress Theme Options Overview
  • How to Increase Memory Limit Using WP File Manager Plugin
  • How to Upload Fonts with “Use Any Font” Plugin

Module 4: Website Design and Pages Build Out

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Speaking Page and How to Create and Automated Video
  • Services Page
  • Contact Page
  • How to Clone a Page or Post with “Duplicate Post” Plugin
  • Videos Page
  • Shop Page
  • How to Create Blog Post and Blog Page
  • How to Set Up the Site Navigation (Menus)

Module 5: SEO, Google Analytics, Backup Site, GDPR Privacy Policy, and Email Optin

  • How to Backup Your WordPress Site
  • How to Upload a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Privacy Policy
  • How to set up SEO and Google Analytics to Monitor Website Traffic
  • How to Set Up an Email Optin on Website

Module 6: Continuity

  • How to Create a Membership Site Using a Simple WordPress Plugin

(Bonus!) Module 7: E-Commerce Store

  • Learn how to set up an e-commerce store to sell your products!

+ Plus!

five templates and worksheets (all valued at $588)

  • Client Testimony Worksheet
  • Highly Recommended Resources for a Profitable Website
  • Tips and Tricks to Take Awesome Photos for Your Website
  • Identify Your Ideal Client/Customer for Your Website
  • Customizable GDPR Privacy Policy Template

+ Plus!

private facebook group (priceless!)

Support in our private community of other business owners like you!

Lifetime Access to the Course + Future Updates

While the purpose of this course is for you to get your website up and running within 7 days, I understand you’d rather go at your own pace. You’ll have lifetime access to the training!

Total Value Over $11,588!


7 Day “Do The Work” Money Back Guarantee

I’m 100% confident that if you go through the entire course, you’ll have a website that will be able to help you attract your clients so you can sell your services. If in 7 days that you demonstrate that you completed ALL of the course work by sending screenshots and videos of each step, but you don’t have a functional website, I’ll refund your money.

Join Launch Your Website Bootcamp Now!

  • Pay in Full and Save 75% Off!
    • Instant access to the entire Launch Your Website Bootcamp system
    • Private Facebook Group
    • Lifetime Access + Future Updates
    • PAY IN FULL BONUS! A one-on-one 45-minute website strategy session
  • Two Payment Plan
    • Instant access to the entire Launch Your Website Bootcamp system
    • Private Facebook Group
    • Lifetime Access + Future Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the course REALLY for?

A: This course is for you if offer services and want to learn how to DIY a kick a$$ website that will attract your ideal clients

Q: How long do I have access to the course content for?

A: For life + Access to any future updates

Q: How soon can I get started?

A: IMMEDIATELY! As soon as you sign up, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS inside the course materials.

Q: What’s the time commitment per week?

A: I designed the course so you can build our your website within 7 days. You can actually build out your website in one full day if you choose to. You can go as quickly or at your own pace.

Q: I haven’t written the content for my site or gotten photos together. Can I still join?

A: Yes! In terms of site content, I have an “About Me” page template for you to make this as easy as absolutely possible to figure out what the heck to write on your “About” page (THE most visited page on any website!). It’s legit a fill-in-the-blank situation, so it honestly doesn’t get any simpler than that.

As for photos, I give you photo guidelines of what to look for in photos/what to take and best practices on them, so you might actually benefit from gathering photos during the course instead of before, because once you go through my worksheet, Tips and Tricks to Take Awesome Photos For Your Website, you’ll know what to look for/take.

Q: But I am SO not tech savvy! Can I do it?

A: Oh, I get it. But let me say, it’s 2020 and bad websites just won’t do anymore, so we have to find you some sort of solution!

If you have more money than time, then feel free to reach out to me to schedule a call about building your website for you. If you have more time than money, then this is your best bet to get step-by-step video tutorials to make the tech stuff as painless as possible.

Q: But I’m nervous to make the investment! What should I do?

A: I get it because I’ve also made some hella scary investments in my business in the past too. And you know what? Every single time, the educational resources, courses and programs I’ve invested in have ended up on my end-of-year reflection ‘time and money well spent’ lists.

The other honest truth is, bad websites don’t sell services and land clients. So I have to ask, how much money do you think you’re losing every month because your website either 1. doesn’t exist OR 2. it freaking sucks!?

Q: Can I sign up anytime?

A: Yes, you can. But the investment will be at $1997 (regular price). If you sign up by during the special enrollment period, you can save 75% off and pay only $497.

Q: What if I’m unhappy with the course?

A: I am 100% confident in the quality of Launch Your Website Bootcamp. If you demonstrate that you have completed ALL  the work but do not have a functional website, I will refund your course fee (valid for 7 days).

Q: I still have questions before I make the investment.

A: Sure! Please email me at I’m happy to help you determine if Launch Your Website Bootcamp is right for you. You can also ask questions in the live chat.

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